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America Will Survive this Meanness


We have not always been a mean country, but we have always had some who were inclined to be mean. There have always been those who had not an ounce of goodwill in their heart.

Trump is such a person. Everything Trump does seems motivated by a mean streak. He is mean to individuals, groups, and nations. His meanness is inestimable. 

His followers cheer on his daily meanness. I wonder, have they forgotten who we are as a people? Have they forgotten that we helped save the world from the cold-blooded meanness and cruelty of  fascism? Have they forgotten that we hold that all men are created equal ?  Have they forgotten that the Statue of Liberty is a symbol to the world that we welcome immigrants seeking freedom?

As a people, Americans do not stand for hate, bigotry or intolerance. We do not stand for shutting our doors to those who seek liberty. We do not embrace tyranny, even  in the form of a loud-mouth perpetually lying New York real estate con.

In time, this ugly period in our nation’s history will pass. Our institutions and our fundamental beliefs will long survive  this little man and this current American Meanness.

Robb Fickman



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