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A Holiday Message to my Fellow Defense Lawyers


Most people take their Liberty for granted. There is not a man or woman among us, who takes Liberty for granted. Nope, we fight for other’s Liberty every single day. While others sleep, we alone defend their Liberty.

We fight daily in Federal court, state district courts, county courts and appellate courts. Sometimes we fight for liberty outside the courts. Sometimes we fight for Liberty before the legislature, or the Commission on Judicial Conduct, at City Hall or Metro. Sometimes we fight for Liberty in holes like Edna, Liberty or Conroe.

The fight for Liberty is a never ending fight. It can be draining. But be proud. To steal a line , in 30 years your grandkids will be bouncing on your knee and they may ask, “Grandpa/Grandma what did you do when they were trying to turn the USA into a police state?” Be proud You won’t have to say, “Well grandson, I was selling widgets or ” shoveling shit in Louisiana”*

As you reflect, or not, over the Holidays, be proud of what you do . I am proud
To be among you. I am also proud of all that HCCLA does in standing up for Liberty.

We few, we happy few may never get rich, but our daily actions in defending liberty
Make for a life well-spent , a rich life.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah And Happy New Year to all Defense Lawyers.

Robb Fickman

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