Drug Trafficking

The penalties for drug trafficking involve prison and substantial fines. These penalties increase if weapons were used or if injury or death occurred in the course of smuggling drugs across state lines. Additionally, federal prosecutors often tack on a charge of money laundering or wire fraud in drug trafficking cases, resulting in the potential for an even longer prison sentence if convicted of all charges.

At the law office of attorney Robert J. Fickman, I’m familiar with the tactics used by federal investigators and prosecutors in preparing and presenting drug trafficking cases. Shady informants and government snitches are often used by the prosecution in exchange for a reduction in their charge. In some cases, undercover agents shepherd and coax people into drug trafficking crimes, raising questions and issues of entrapment.

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Federal Drug Conspiracies

The Federal Government frequently charges individuals with Federal Drug Conspiracy. The punishments are severe and there is no parole in Federal court.

However, the Government doesn’t always get it right. The Government Makes mistakes and innocent men and women can be charged.

Innocent people may be accused of being involved in a drug conspiracy. A snitch may lie about an innocent man to gain a lesser sentence. A person may be falsely presumed to be involved because they know or are related to someone who is perhaps involved.

Anybody accused of a Federal Drug Conspiracy must take the matter very seriously and obtain the best possible lawyer.

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