Mortgage Fraud

Since the near collapse of the housing market, state and federal law enforcement have increased their investigations into mortgage fraud. Typically, federal and state investigators focus attention on the actions of appraisers, real estate agents, secondary buyers, or real estate investors after a pattern of mortgage default emerges in a particular area. Once an investigation is launched, investigators review loan applications and audit the personal financial information of the parties involved. In general, investigators are looking for discrepancies between what was claimed on a loan application or appraisal sheet and income tax returns. If discrepancies are found that indicate misinformation was included on a mortgage loan application, it’s likely a federal criminal investigation will be launched.

At the law office of Robert J. Fickman, I defend people accused of mortgage fraud. If brought in early on an investigation, I may be able to preempt an indictment by clarifying what my client knew, explaining why he or she acted as she did, and redirecting the attention of investigators elsewhere. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, contact mortgage fraud lawyer Robert J. Fickman today.

Mortgage Fraud Allegations

I advise and represent real estate brokers, real estate agents, secondary buyers, homeowners, title companies, and appraisers accused of mortgage fraud involving the following:

  • House flipping
  • Over-reporting income on mortgage application
  • Failure to accurately disclose debts
  • Misreporting primary or secondary residence
  • Serving as a straw buyer
  • Falsifying mortgage loan application
  • Mortgage Fraud and Loan Application Information

The vast majority of mortgage fraud cases begin with what was reported on a mortgage loan application. When defending my clients, I focus on what was reported on a loan application and why. When the subprime mortgage market was lucrative, it wasn’t uncommon for brokers to encourage borrowers to borrow more than they could afford. In the process, income was sometimes over-reported and debts downplayed.

Working with my own investigators, forensic accountants, and appraisers, I carefully trace the sources of misinformation in order to challenge the assumptions of prosecutors.

Mortgage Fraud Attorney Robert J. Fickman

Given the involvement of multiple parties in a real estate transaction, it’s possible for an individual to be party to a fraudulent real estate deal and not even know it. At the law office of Robert J. Fickman, I understand how this can happen and what needs to be done to bring the facts to light. Even if you knowingly entered false information on a loan application, why you did it and under whose direction could mean the difference between a reduce charge and sentence and an expensive fine and jail time.

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