Houston Fraud Charges Defense Lawyer

In the past 40+ years, I have defended people charged with every kind of fraud allegation, including wire fraud, mail fraud, telemarketing fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, health care fraud, and insurance fraud.

In fraud and other white-collar cases, the government throws a giant net and sometimes catches the wrong fish. You may be caught up in a net you do not belong in.

In my opinion, to develop a strong defense, you must first recognize the realities of our criminal justice system. In my opinion, the presumption of innocence does not exist. In this country, anyone accused of a serious crime is presumed guilty by the public. You must be prepared to prove your innocence to stand a chance. As your lawyer, my job is to do my best to develop a strong defense to prove your innocence. As your lawyer, my job is to do my best to win your case by proving your innocence.

In fraud cases, there are available defenses I may be able to use. In many fraud cases, people get involved in what appears to be a legitimate business transaction, only to find out later that someone else involved was doing something. You may be an honest investor who is now charged with fraud.

Here are some of the fraud charges I have defended against

Mortgage fraud – People legitimately involved in a real estate transaction as a builder, contractor, lender, processor, broker, or home buyer might be accused of mortgage fraud. The charge often involves an accusation of a fraudulent loan application, in which money or equity was skimmed off the top. The consequences of a conviction can be devastating since the sentence is largely determined by the amount of fraud, which often involves millions of dollars.

Healthcare fraud – People charged with healthcare fraud include doctors, medical assistants, nurses, clinic owners, and healthcare service businesses. Often, the person charged is accused of submitting fraudulent bills to insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid. Healthcare fraud charges usually include a count of conspiracy. Large sums of money are involved in health care fraud, so the consequences of a conviction are very serious, involving potentially lengthy jail sentences.

Bank fraud – People charged with bank fraud are typically bank officers and people who make loan applications. The typical allegation is that a bank officer approved a loan they should not have approved in exchange for money.

Mail, wire, and telemarketing fraud – Wire and mail fraud are often linked to telemarketing fraud or Ponzi-type schemes. The people charged often include innocent investors.