Child Pornography Charges

I’m Robert J. Fickman, an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer in Houston, Texas. With over 38 years of experience, I have defended numerous people charged with child pornography offenses in state and federal court. Most child pornography charges are filed in federal court.

I’ve learned from experience that child pornography charges often contain allegations that the accused obtained and traded child pornography on the internet through peer to peer systems. Federal agents, posing as child pornographers will often conduct undercover investigations. During these investigations federal agents search peer to peer systems for anyone in possession of child pornography. Once agents have found a person who they believe has child pornography on their computer, the agents will typically execute a search warrant for the suspected persons computer(s). The agents will execute the search warrant and simultaneously attempt to elicit a confession from the individual they suspect. The computer(s) contents will then be analyzed by federal agents. If the computer is found to contain child pornography, the individual will often be charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Defending these cases requires knowledge of computers and peer to peer systems. In my opinion, to develop a strong defense you must first recognize the realities of our criminal justice system. In my opinion, the presumption of innocence does not exist. In this country, anyone accused of a serious crime is presumed guilty by the public. You must be prepared to prove your innocence to stand a chance. As your lawyer, my job is to do my best to develop a strong defense to prove your innocence. In defending a child pornography charge, I conduct a thorough investigation.

Federal sentences for distribution and or possession of child pornography are potentially very harsh. Utilizing forensic psychiatrists is often necessary in attempting to mitigate potential sentencing. If the Government can prove its case, my job is to work to get you the most lenient possible sentence.

I have defended people from all walks of life on child pornography charges including businessmen, teachers and religious leaders. Quite often, those charged are people who have never been in trouble a day in their life. It is important to ensure that allegations involving child pornography are taken seriously, as these can have a lasting impact on your entire life. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for possession or distribution of child pornography, contact Houston sex crimes defense attorney Robert J. Fickman to discuss your case today.

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