Jury Service Proposal

October 24, 2020

Friends – I hope everyone is still alive. Much to the chagrin of some, I remain un-dead.

If we want juries of the accused person’s  peers, rather than the prosecutor’s  peers we can do that. I think low income people would be much more inclined and able  to serve if they were paid $15/hr or $120/day. Perhaps Harris County could be a national model.
Here is my math:
1 juror for 1 day
8hrs x $15= $120/
400 jurors for 1 day
400x $120= $48,000/
400 jurors for I month
$48,000x 20days =$960,000/
400 jurors for 1 year
$960,000x 12 = $11,520,000/
Ten years ago Commissioner Radack spent $6 million  on needless man-made lakes in Katy & another  2.3million on an equally needless soup box Derby mound. (See below).
If  the county can spend $8.3 Million on nothing, than Surely  the county can  spend $11.5 million on something.
I think Harris County should  be able to find  $11.5 million  to create the opportunity for low income people to serve on juries without being punished for it.
Robb  Fickman , Houston 

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