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It is not uncommon for an innocent person to be charged with a sex crime. Some of the people who most often face false sex crimes allegations include:

– School teachers
– A parent during a divorce or custody battle
– An estranged boyfriend, or more uncommonly, girlfriend
– A stepfather

I’m Robert J. Fickman, an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer in Houston, Texas. With over 38 years of experience, I have defended people charged with all types of sex offenses including statutory rape, child molestation, sexual assault, indecency with a child, child pornography, solicitation of a minor, online solicitation of a child and Internet sex crimes. I’ve learned from experience that the police and district attorney are quick to believe allegations of sex crimes, often without a thorough investigation.

One of the most common sex crimes is indecency with a child. This crime involves touching a child in their breast or genital area, even if the child is fully clothed. Defending these cases requires knowledge of children and child psychology, as well as the circumstances surrounding the allegedly criminal events. In my opinion, to develop a strong defense you must first recognize the realities of our criminal justice system. In my opinion, the presumption of innocence does not exist. In this country, anyone accused of a serious crime is presumed guilty by the public. You must be prepared to prove your innocence to stand a chance. As your lawyer, my job is to do my best to develop a strong defense to prove your innocence. As your lawyer my job is to do my best to win your case by proving your innocence.

In defending a sex crimes allegation I attempt to conduct thorough investigations, including the relationships between all of the parties to find out if a child could have been influenced in any way; whether anyone had a motive to plant an idea in a child’s mind, or whether the child had a motive to make up the allegations. I have defended many school teachers over the years in cases that were referred to me by the Texas State Teachers’ Association. It is important to ensure that false allegations and situations when teachers are accused are taken seriously, as these can have a lasting impact on your entire life. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for a sex crime, contact Houston sex crimes defense attorney Robert J. Fickman to discuss your case today.

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