Internet Crimes

Internet and telecommunication crimes such as identity theft and child pornography are an ever-evolving area of the law. Many of these cases are charged in federal court, which means you could be subject to harsh sentencing with no possibility of parole.

I defend people charged with all types of Internet crimes, including sex crimes.

One of the most common Internet sex crimes is possession of child pornography. These can be difficult cases, since a forensic evaluation of a computer by the federal government can reveal anything that has ever been on that computer. The defense in child pornography cases often involves search and seizure issues.

Chat room sex charges are filed by prosecutors on a regular basis. In such a case a person may be accused of engaging in an Internet sex chat with someone who is representing themselves as an underage person. The chat room investigations are typically conducted by the police or federal agents who represent themselves as underage children. In internet crime cases I may employ the services of a forensic computer analyst to help develop a defense.

In Internet sex cases I may encourage my clients to have a psychological evaluation. If someone has led his life in a law-abiding fashion, and suddenly engages in behavior that is not normal for them, that fact may be taken into consideration in formulating a defense.

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