Domestic Violence

Understanding the Realities of the Criminal Justice System

As your lawyer, my job is to do my best to develop a strong defense to prove your innocence. As your lawyer my job is to do my best to win your case by proving your innocence.

When someone calls 911 during a domestic disturbance and police arrive at the home, quite often somebody is going to jail. The husband and wife may each make accusations against the other and both may show physical signs of their conflict. However, it is typically the husband who is sent to jail, even when he may have just been defending himself.

Family Violence

Many district attorneys in Texas have changed their philosophy towards family violence cases. It used to be fairly easy for an attorney to get these cases dismissed if the wife or partner changed their mind and wanted to drop charges. Now district attorneys will prosecute these cases zealously, even if the wife or partner no longer wants to have the case prosecuted. I thoroughly investigate the relationships between of the parties and interview witnesses in an effort to develop a strong defense.