By Definition Trump is a Fascist

By Definition Trump  Is a Fascist
Per Italian writer Umberto Eco, fascism has 14 characteristics. Eco’s definition is not perfect but it is a useful measuring stick.
Trumpism contains many of the  14 character  traits of fascism.
1. Fascism is characterized by false  claims of traditionalism. Trump claims he alone will restore America to its traditional greatness (MAGA).
2. Fascism is characterized by condemnation  of critical thinking. Trump daily attacks  the free press & anyone who dares criticize him. He calls the press “enemy of the people”. Just this week he has begun retaliating against those who testified or voted against him.
3. Fascism is characterized by condemnation of outside groups. Trump continues  his attacks on illegal aliens. He inflates their responsibility for our problems.
4. Fascism is characterized by blaming  the problems of the middle class on the outsiders. Trump blames our woes on marginalized groups. Mexicans and Moslems remain his favorite targets.
5. Fascism is characterized by false  claims of a baseless plot against the leader. Trump claims  that the impeachment probe was a witch hunt. It was not. It was a fact-based investigation.
6. Fascism is characterized by maintaining  a constant state of agitation. Trump thrives on creating chaos. The country is on Trump “tweet-watch”  We have had no national tranquility since he was elected. We will have no tranquility so long as he is in office.
7. Fascism is characterized by contempt  for the weak. Trump attacks people for what he perceives as their weakness. He engages in name calling against those he perceives as weak. His rallies are characterized by attacking those he deems weak.
8. Fascism is characterized by baseless assertions  that the leader’s followers are superior patriots. Trump continuously proclaims those who attend his rallies are True Americans.  He wraps himself in the flag. Trump’s supporters  loyalty to him is treated as loyalty to the country. In Trump’s world, his followers are super patriots.
9. Fascism is characterized by machismo disdain  for women.  Trump has repeatedly demonstrated  his low regard and objectification of  women.
10. Fascism is characterized by An impoverished vocabulary.Trump is not one for complex thought. He communicates  by tweet. There is a constant dumbing down of the message for his  base.
11. Fascism is characterized by repetition of lies.  Hitler said no one asks the victor if he told the truth.  Trump is undeniably a relentless pathological liar. Truth is not relevant to Trump. He makes up false stories and perpetuates phony conspiracy theories in his pursuit of power.

Traditional Republicans like George Will, Richard Painter  & Steve Schmidt  left the Republican Party. Why?  Because under Trump, the Republican Party is no longer the Republican Party. It is now the party of Trump and the Party of Trump is more and more becoming a fascist party. One can only hope that traditional Republicans will take their Party back and reestablish  it‘s basic loyalty to our traditional American values.

Robb Fickman

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